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What People Say

I came to see Roxane because I was stuck in patterns of fear to lose income, fear of trying something new that would make me happier in life, which led to anxiety and insomnia.

It was very easy and natural, a bit like a chat but being asleep at the same time. Nothing stressful, quite relaxing actually but with a couple of intense breakthroughs. My biggest A-ha moment was going through memories and understanding their impact on my way to see the world, and going back to my younger self and telling her it’s ok.

I have better sleep, more relax and happy, decisions to start studying again and tackle changes that will make my life better

The recording was great. I feel like I’m ready for a change, more relaxed and confident that I can do it absolutely, Roxy you are made for it, your voice is perfect for the job too, very calming and motivating at the same time.

RTT is a great tool to break through some patterns and get better.

I didn’t expect it to be so effective so quickly, it’s quite remarkable, nothing like I tried before.

Vee, 43,  Australia

Thank you Roxane before having my RTT session I was in such a bad way my health was deteriorating I was constantly in pain. I believed this was how good my life was from now on. I was riddled in fear and procrastinated in everything. I was just so sad and stuck.

Roxane having our session and listening to my recording. I am walking every day. I've passed through the pain and challenge pushing my body physically. I love what I’m accomplishing. I have more energy and stopped procrastinating. I am happier, more confident and can’t stop smiling. You have really changed my life for the better.


Sheila Sharma, 52 - Manchester UK

I experienced the first changes very rapidly after the session. The same day, I was already more peaceful and felt present into my life. The following ones, I woke up feeling energized and happy to start my day. After a few days, I've noticed that my anxiety had radically decreased and I would appreciate much more the time spent with my loved ones. A month later, I can say that I'm definitely pro-active and not afraid anymore to engage in new things. I finally move on again, without requestioning each and every step I make. Moreover, I know that whenever I'll feel the need of a boost, l'll be able to listen to the recording again and again.

The recording is a great support during the whole process. It helps keeping in mind our main goals and walk towards them. I listened to it every night and found myself asleep very rapidly. However, the positive effects were there the next morning... Here are the "magical effects" of RTT. I can definitely say that I am more at peace. It feels like I've tidied up a very messy home and can finally enjoy my time in my happy place.I would definitely recommend Roxane as a therapist and RTT as a therapy to anyone in need of a big emotional cleaning. This experience has taught me that we do sometimes need the help of a professional to get back to ourselves. We don't have to struggle alone and in silence. RTT shows the great advantage of being very effective and doesn't require a lot of commitment. The experience itself is very unique. Anytime I'll find myself stuck in a battle, I'll know that I can find a non-judgemental support and a quick response to my issues with Roxane's help. Thanks and keep it up!


Clémence, 31, Turkey

Clemence review photo.jpg

My main issue was about old self worth topics that I carried as a child and rationally I knew as an adult were not serving me going forward for my personal life or business. I felt unnecessary fear, anxiety and resulted in procrastination and dissociation that cost me time and peace of mind. Roxy is fantastic. very calming, open, knows when to give space and when to ask questions.

Biggest takeaway (always the simplest answers) that repetition matters particularly in the conversations we have with ourselves.

For me the changes have been subtle and over time. Not procrastinating as much, picking myself up quicker on negative talk which has added up! I really enjoyed the recording it had two options, no music and music. I'm not usually one for music lay overs but I did end up choosing it more! I  feel it is still its working on me. I recognise I have to do the work to allow space for this idea to germinate. I would recommend Roxane. The idea that we have to trace our difficulties back to their origins is hugely important.

"An idea is like a virus, resilient, highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you."


Jack Keen, 33, Australia

I came to see Roxane to deal with my anxiety and fear. I have had anxiety for as far as I can remember. My mind always tends to go for the worst case scenario and it has affected my self-confidence, my relationship and my ability to deal with stressors.

I am not big on taking medication, but I've been seeing a psychotherapist for years. While therapy has helped me to understand what triggers my anxiety and how to better respond to it, it never quite tackled it completely.

I came into the session with no expectation. I had heard good things about hypnotherapy, and thought I should try it one day, potentially to help with my fear of heights. I was amazed at how easy it was to be in a deep meditation state, while still conscious enough to respond. I wasn't expecting that before the treatment. I thought Roxane was very calm and guided me through the session well.

The moment Roxane  told me that my brain as a child created this anxiety to cope with the stress I experienced then, I instantly felt lighter. Like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. And once you asked if I needed it now or if I had better tools to cope with stress, I thought: "well actually, no I don't need it, because yes I have worked on myself and developed better coping mechanisms". The first few days were a bit tricky. I felt a bit uneasy as the session itself brought me back to painful memories. But after a week, I felt like a new person. Recognising that my anxiety is not a thing that I necessarily have to suffer from for the rest of my life, but rather a pattern that my younger self created and I could get rid off, was liberating. I have faced quite a few challenges in the weeks that followed the session but remained remarkably calm and centred. I feel that I have a new take on life actually, a more positive perspective than I did before.

I Definitely recommend Roxane as a therapist. As a matter, I already have!


Virginia, 41, Australia

I have bitten my nails ever since I can remember. I was constantly biting and very self-conscious of how they looked. Quite often they would hurt or I would lose feeling in them from biting them so much.

I tried to get fake nails so that I would break the habit but once I had them taken off I would just start biting them again.

Roxane made me feel very comfortable and was completely professional throughout the entire session and process.

My biggest a-ha moment was when Roxane enabled me to identify a pattern in the reason why I bite my nails.

 I was able to identify the reason I bit my nails and since then have not bitten my nails. This has led to me being more confident about my appearance. The recording was a great help in the early stages following my session. It enabled me to re-visit the reasoning behind why I bite my nails and implement a different way of thinking into my everyday life.

I feel really good about the session and the result.

I absolutely recommend it, Roxane was so professional and made me feel very comfortable during the entire process.


Sophie, 23, Australia

I had a hypnotherapy session with Roxane to work on procrastination and to increase motivation which I have been struggling with for about 10 years. I have had counselling sessions in the past over many years to try to work on these things, especially whilst studying, however I found that when I did have improvements, they didn’t seem to last for very long. I had never tried hypnotherapy before but I wanted to try something different as I wasn’t getting the results I wanted through counselling. The session went for an hour and a half over zoom, it was comforting being able to be in my own home and Roxane helped me to feel comfortable very quickly. I was able to dig deep and process some related past experiences and release stored emotions throughout the session, which left me feeling lighter and with more clarity. I was very happy with the language that Roxane used throughout the session and the support that she was able to give me when I was struggling to articulate myself. I had been struggling to release these stored emotions for a long time, which gave me instantaneous relief. I felt seen, heard and supported. I noticed positive changes in my thought patterns after only a day or two of listening to the follow-up recording, which reinforced how effective the session had been. The recording helped me to develop routines and allowed me to achieve a deeper state of relaxation before trying to sleep (which was also an issue for me and has since greatly improved). The changes I’ve noticed have been positive and sustainable changes that have honestly improved the quality of my day to day life. I’m so grateful to have had this experience and I would highly recommend this to anybody who has been struggling to make changes or is feeling stuck with something.


Kahlia,  28, Australia

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